Hunger Games: Blog 1

Prompt: Why did you choose this class? What are you hoping to accomplish in the course? What is your favorite character of The Hunger Games and why? 

I first read The Hunger Games on a hot summer afternoon. I had the day off from work, and I just wanted to escape reality for a while. When I started to read, I was quite impressed by the authors ability to draw the reader in to a world that is very different than the one most of us grew up in. I chose to take the class on this series for a couple of reasons. When I started reading, I was gripped by the different issues that Katniss had to navigate just to exist in her society, let alone the troubles she faced after volunteering to take her sister’s place as tribute. I am intrigued by the different aspects of their society, how each district works, and how the society was able to exist in that manner for as long as it did. Further, the complex interplay between Peeta and Katniss is interesting, especially when they are put in situations that they have no control over and forced to excel. 

Through this course, I am hoping to gain a greater understanding of this series, the people, and the society as a whole. While I personally study political science, so many of those aspects already make sense to me, the decisions of a lot of the characters confused me. The book often portrays different districts based on a very general stereotype of the people and what they produce, but I’d like to take a deeper look at the make-up of the different districts and why they lived under this system long enough for there to be 75 Hunger Games by the second book. Further, I want to understand more about different characters and what motivated their decisions throughout the books. 

My favorite character in the Hunger Games is probably Katniss. While that is probably the answer that a lot of people would give, she is a very interesting character to me. Her inability to comprehend how to thrive in her own society, and her unwillingness to change who she is to please anyone else makes her a very strong character. However, her confusion and fear about how to deal with President Snow’s threats and the political and social aspects of the game makes it a lot easier to relate to her than when she is being portrayed at Katniss the Mockingjay. Some of my favorite moments with Katniss are when she is angry about the different rules that are being imposed on her. She hates being forced to play dress up, to play nice with the judges, and more. At first, she has no real understanding of how often Peeta saved her by making her seem softer and more lovable to the people. I like that it can be hard to predict how she will complete a new challenge, but she is consistent in her hatred of the authority figures in the book and her hatred of the society that forced her, Peeta, her family, and so many others to suffer. Even so, her love for her family often kept her in line, and she was less than thrilled when District 13 tried to force her to be the face of the revolution for that reason. She is very easy to relate too, because the author does a good job of putting the reader into her head when she is faced with a difficult decision. 

I am really looking forward to this class and all that it has to offer. 


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