HNMUN 2014

During this past week, I went to Harvard National Model United Nations in Boston. For anyone who doesn’t know, this is a United Nations simulation where college teams represent specific countries in the different committees and talk about 1-2 topics and try to pass resolutions about the topic. My team arrived in Boston on Wednesday so that we would have time to get settled before the conference officially began on Wednesday. We arrived at the hotel around dinner time and we unpacked after everyone was assigned their rooms. Phil (my boyfriend) was also a member of the team and after that, we and several other members of the team went to get dinner at a local shop, Au Bon Pair. The restaurant is a lot like a Panera Bread, but a bit tastier and a smaller shop. After that, Phil and  I went back to the hotel and relaxed for the evening. On Thursday morning, about 11 of the 22 members of the team went to tour at the local Samuel Adams facility. The people over 21 were able to sample a few different beers and then we went to lunch at Doyle’s. However, it was incredibly snowy, so the walk from the T to the Samuel Adams factory and from there to the bar was very cold, so a lot of us had stuff like clam chowder for lunch to warm up before taking the T back to the hotel. Then, we returned to the hotel and got dressed and changed for opening ceremonies. The opening ceremony was very nice, we managed to get one of the balconies and fly our countries flag. After the opening ceremony, we had a break for dinner and then our first committee session. I was in the Legal Committee, with my classmate Koshin Ono. Our first session selected our topic (Multinational corporations and international law) and we began pretty general discussion of the topic in moderated caucuses. On Friday, we had two committee sessions, one in the afternoon and one in the evening. I started working with the person representing Honduras to draft a short working paper to get out our more unique ideas. The idea wasn’t to get the paper passed, but to use it in order to convince larger blocs to include our ideas in their draft resolutions. By the end of the two sessions, working papers were being discussed and issues and mergers were being discussed. We were able to get our ideas put into the two bigger blocs – headed by Canada and the United States. The United States took the entirety of our ideas, so we allied our group with their paper.

On Friday night, there was a cocktail hour and a international bazaar. I went and spent time with Phil and the delegate from Canada, Mike.  I got to try foods from Mexico, Uzbekistan,  and many other countries; and I got henna done by a member of Pakistani team.  I had a lot of fun, but I was definitely tired when I went to my room to sleep.

On Saturday, our bloc was working on finalizing their draft resolution and we attempted to merge with the working paper submitted by Canada. However, that merger failed at the last moment and our paper was submitted alone. In the second session of the day, draft resolutions were discussed and debated. Also, anyone had the chance to submit possible amendments to different resolutions.

That night, my team went to Fire and Ice, a Mongolian place for dinner.  It is a fantastic place where you gather all your ingredients and they grill it in front of you. The food was absolutely fantastic and it was fun hanging out as a team.

On Sunday, we voted on amendments and the resolutions. None of the resolutions passed in my committee, which was sad, but it was still a great conference and I got to meet a lot of fantastic people that I will never forget.


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