End of the Semester Recap

This semester, I had the pleasure of taking a class on the Hunger Games that looked at various academic disciplines and how they played out in the series. I enjoyed all of the topics that we examined during the semester, although admittedly some more than others. I really enjoyed the discussion on the nature of evil because it was thought provoking, but he still let us come to our own conclusions about if any of the characters were evil and why. I learned a lot about the philosophical idea of evil, and from there it was really interesting to take the time and apply it to some of the prominent characters through the weekly blog entry.


I also enjoyed our discussions on the gender roles and the role reversal that Peeta and Katniss show in their interactions, as well as considering how she and Gale would not have been able to balance each other out. It added a new dynamic to their triangle that I had not really considered before the class. It also helped that several people presented on the issue as well, which further added to our discussions and the word study that one of the students did was fascinating. Overall, I learned a lot about the different social and cultural aspects of the book through our examinations of them in our class.


There are a few things that I would have liked to improve or add to the class. I would have liked to see a physical sciences or technology based guest to talk about the various technologies available and their capabilities. I also would have liked to have a cinema person come and examine the movies as well, maybe to discuss some of the changes between the book and the movie and why the filmmaker might have made those decisions. I also would have preferred the lectures be an hour long and always have a half hour set aside to discuss the lecture or to do a creative project related to it.


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